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Second Life? Get a life!

Been partying for five days, after a three year Carnival sabbatical, unlike most of my colleagues. A joker under them acted an instant seizure when he met me on Saturday morning at the newspaper, my NapoLeon hat on my head, finishing some paper work before running to Beyerd or Bommel.
Never mind, he’s a nice guy and he can run, be he is from north of The Moerdijk, calls French fries patat, and doesn’t know a thing about Carnival.
I’ve never understood the people born and raised over here who hate Carnival, must be a missing link in their education, but I couldn’t care less.
Anyway, came Ash Wednesday, a big hangover, nothing else or decent to do, perfect day to make my first visit to Second Life.
Translation in Dutch at @ BN/DeStem

The Carnaval is over . . .

It’s all over for this year. We’ve got the Bommel & Beyerd Blues over here: a headache, a sore throat, and a stirred and shaken stomach. Back to a another kind of life as from today: no more bars or booze until may 18 – second climb of Alpe d ‘Huez – biking and fasting instead.
Cees, the Bommel Boss – by the way is he looking over here the right decision – is going into retirement, going to play golf instead of serving beer. We’ll probably see him in South America later this year . . .
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