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The iPhone definitely unlocked

His fame will survive much more than fifteen minutes since George Hotz from Glen Rock, New Jersey, developed a way to make the iPhone, the hottest gadget of the year, available to pretty much anybody, anywhere.
It took him the whole summer, though I don’t know what summer was like over there, as we had some rain, and rain, and, well, lots of rain.
According to al the news flashes racing over the internet last night (night in Europe), the hack of the 17-year old makes it possible that a whole new niche industry will spring up, buying iPhones, to unlock and sell them to people who hate AT&T for one reason or another, to people over here in Europe, or anywhere else.
An reporter form AP yesterday verified that an iPhone George Hotz brought to the AP’s headquarters was unlocked. George put the reporter’s T-Mobile SIM card, in the iPhone, which then then connected to T-Mobile’s network and placed calls using the reporter’s account.
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