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Google NIK

Het was me ontgaan, terwijl Henk de Hooge het toch op Dutch Cowboys gemeld had, zodat Cees Maas me vanmorgen via Twitter wakker moest maken: Google NIK is gratis geworden.
Tot frustratie van Cees, die er niet zo lang geleden 120 dollar voor betaald heeft. Dat was overigens een goede prijs, want de prijs was tot vorige week 149 dollar. Anyway, bedankt Cees, ik heb hem gedownload en NIK heeft zichzelf als plugin in PhotoShop en Aperture genesteld.

Chromecast: Ganz Einfach

Bijna vergeten dat ik een week of wat geleden via Amazon Duitsland een Chromecast had gekocht. Gratis verzonden, 35.59 euro, inclusief 6.18 Umsatzsteuer. Kan ook gewoon via de Nederlandse Google Store, maar ik had nog wat tegoedbonnen van Amazon. Was afgelopen zaterdag al bezorgd, maar te druk met dit, en dat, en zus en zo.
Vanavond toch maar het doosje open gemaakt, om te beginnen maar eens even kijken wat er met de set up volgens Google allemaal zou moeten gebeuren.

Nu ook telefoneren via Google

Marketing manager Jason Toff van Google Voice demonstreert een van de telefooncellen die Google in Universiteiten en op vliegvelden in Amerika gaat plaatsen. Vanuit de cellen kan gratis gebeld worden in de Verenigde Staten en Canada. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
De gebruikers van Skype en iChat zullen er niet van opkijken, maar sinds eergisteren kunnen er ook via Google telefoongesprekken gevoerd worden, vanuit Gmail. Teleoongesprekken naar de Verenigde Staten en Canada zijn gratis vanuit Nederland.

Virtueel wandelen door Breda

Klik door naar grote uitvoering
Breda is door Google nu ook in foto’s op de kaart gezet; sinds vanmorgen zijn de meeste straten, pleinen en huizen in ‘Street View’ te bekijken. Dertig nieuwe steden in Nederland zijn nu niet alleen op de landkaart en vanuit de satellietfoto’s te bekijken, maar ook virtueel, alsof je zelf door de straat loopt.

Maps of Earth?

Maps of Earth: u zegt het maar. Zelf schop ik Earth maar zelden aan, meestal gebruik ik mijn eigen Maps via een API, en dan nog het vaakste deze full screen Google Map. Lekker makkelijk omdat-ie in één keer mijn browser beeldvullend volkwakt – ook onder Safari op OS X – én omdat ik dat tooltje rechtsbovenin (‘Custom Zoom’) zo verdomd gemakkelijk vind.
Het is dit Java Script, waarvan ik niet begrijp waarom Google het nog niet standaard heeft toegevoegd aan Maps.
Maar ja; Maps of Earth? Komt daar ook nog eens de Eart Plugin, waarmee je Earth in een browser embed.
Wel leuk hoor, en hele mooie controls mogelijk. Probeer zelf maar, waarvoor u wel even de Plugin zal moeten installeren. Deze vliegt rechtstreeks naar ‘bij mij op de hoek‘.
Mogelijkheden: onbegrensd. Het probleem: tijd 🙂

China, Google and subs . . . .

View Larger Map
So, China has launched an investigation into online mapping services by Internet giants including Google and Sohu in an effort to protect state secrets and territorial integrity, according tot the Chineswe state press.
The complete stort ran in most westerne newspapers yesterday, and of course, all over the net, like Yahoo News: China to investigate Google for illegal maps.
As the Chinese apparently are not very happy with the way their borders are shown by Google, be it Maps or Earth, I wonder what they think of the way their military is depitcted. Like their subs in Hsiao-p’ing-tao . . .
Check out: Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps: China.
Hsiao-p’ing-tao: New Chinese Ballistic Missile Submarine.
As we can see, we don’t know what the Chinese can see, from behind their Great Firewall . . . .

De SuperSonjas en de Google Apps

Wij – heren softbal Jeka, a.k.a. de SuperSonjas – doen er al enige tijd ons voordeel mee; de Google Apps. Perfect om de onderling communicatie te regelen via een Google Group, gekoppeld aan de kalender en een spreadsheet in Documents. Op die spreadsheet heb ik via de mogelijkheid tot sharing alle spelers de rechten gegeven om de sheet te editen, zodat we een overzicht hebben wie en wanneer er gespeeld hebben, wie wanneer gewisseld is, enzovoort. Voor sommigen nog een leerproces, en eigenlijk een beetje overkill, want eigenlijk zouden we het beter allemaal vanuit de Google Calendar en de Group regelen, zonder die spreadsheet. Maar degene die begon met die spreadsheet werkt daar dagelijks mee, en moet nog wat wennen aan al dat Google gedoe, dus ik laat iedereen zoveel mogelijk aanklooien, en dan rolt er op termijn vanzelf de beste manier van werken uit.
Er kan natuurlijk veel meer met de Apps.

We knew it was coming: Google Print Ads to Europe

We knew it was coming: Google Print Ads to Europe
According to The Times, Google is momentarily chatting up ‘several’ British newspaper publishers in the hopes of extending its Google Print Ads program across the Atlantic.
James Ashton in The Times: This expansion will worry bosses of rival media companies, including ITV chairman Michael Grade, who has already called for greater regulation on the fast-growing Google.
Cade Metz in The Register: When we asked Google if this is true, the company told us “we won’t be able to comment on if or when Print Ads will be launched in the UK.” But they like being coy.
Click on the image on top of this post or or on this link: Welcome to the Google Print Ads for a Demo (Yes, by Google) of the Print Ads.
Full list of American Newspapers participating in Google PrintAds

How to Become a Gmail Jedi Master?

Nice Gmail tutoring video on Ask The PC Guide: How to Become a Gmail Jedi Master.
Learn to master Gmail through the use of labels, filters, keyboard shortcuts, vacation autoresponders, and the new IMAP support.One of the most useful features in Gmail is its powerful search feature. They have incorporated the ease and functionality of Google search into Gmail, allowing you yo search for specific emails based on the Sender, subject line, date, or the actual content of the email. However, Gmail has gone one step further with what they call filters and labels.

My Gmail story?

Apparently Google is continually reminded by all of us why they work so hard on Gmail when they hear stories from us about how we’re using it. From keeping long-distance relationships alive over chat to saving a historic record of our high school life within a single conversation thread. Now I don’t know about you, but for one reason ore another I don’t like single long threads. If any thread threathens to become longer than seven, eight or nine pieces, I kill the thread by archiving it, and instead of replying composing a new mail. But of course that’s just me . . .
Pinning our stories on the walls around Google hasn’t been the best way to share them with the Gmail community, so Google now is inviting us to share our ideas, methods, tricks and secrets with the world. All we need to do need is to produce a video and a story.
As the Google Boys and Girls put it: feel free to get creative with special effects or choreography or just tell it like it is.
Up to my Mac, where’s my Canon?

What Google Can’t Do?

It’s something different: a press release on a post card, in my real mailbox. My name and address are handwritten, as is the message: “What Google Can’t Do”
Remarkable, and perhaps just as wise, as I see too often that press releases are treated as spam in my mail accounts.
The question remains – after having a quick look at the website promoted on the postcard, if this press release should have been directed straight to the dustbin?
Because links, in its own words, every website to every world language. It’s absolutely not clear to me what they mean by that, and the search results don’t blow me away.
Judge yourself:

The Gmail video is ready

Right on top of my Gmail this morning: a red link, indicating something new: ‘Watch our video’.
The Gmail asked US a promotion video for THEM, and WE did it. Ended up pretty neat, I must admit, as it was a pretty neat idea to begin with.
A simple one, as all good Google ideas are. All we had to do was to print out a PDF of the red Gmail envelope showing the ‘M’, and then record a ten second clip of a funny, cool, hilarious or creative way in which this envelope was passed from the left to right. That was all folks, and after we uploaded the result to YouTube, all we had to is wait if we were in. (We’re not, cause we forgot about the deadline 🙁
But why did we have to pass from left to right?
According to the Gmail blog: you can see this as a symbol of how email connects people from all over, making the world feel a bit smaller. Or as a metaphor for mail exchange servers, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and all of the technical steps involved in getting a Gmail message around the world from one inbox to another.
The Google Team: We asked you to help us imagine how an email message travels around the world. All it took was a video camera, the Gmail M-velope ( ), and some creativity — and, wow, did you get creative!
The clips you submitted were amazing and it was hard to choose selections for the final video featured here. You can check out all of the submissions we received on YouTube, and read more about it on the Official Gmail Blog.

How To Blow Up Flappentappers?

I’m a bit reluctant to try it myself, cause there’s a fat chance, even in The Netherlands, that a Swat team will burst trough my front door within the next ten minutes after Googling: ‘How to Blow Up ATM Machines‘. Since you’ve arrived here: learn another beautiful Dutch word, this one for ATM: flappentapper. Slang, made up from slang: flap is slang for paper money, tapper is like in a beer tap.
Translation in Dutch @ DutchCowboys

A Tour de France Google Maps API mash up

Click the map for the big map

The Tour de France is on. I know how hard it is, cause I went down and out myself two months ago on Alpe d’Huez on my second climb.
Yeah, I know my chain broke in the very first 100 meters of the climb, but that’s hardly an excuse for the cramps in my thighs half an hour later.
Nevermind, it was a beautiful day again, and I’ll be back next year, lighter and better prepared (and with some spare chains). Last year was a good one, ad I’d like to break that pr.
Mashed up a Google Map for our newspaper, setting up all the stages, and linking them to the plotted stages I could find in Google Maps.
This one’s a copy, but a bit different, with the custom zoom script included, cause I really love that script.
When you click the markers you see the links to the stages in Google Maps, as well as links to the same stage on the official Tour de France site.
The source in this map is a bit different from the previous maps I mashed up. All the coördinates, as well as the html in the pop ups is now in the same .shtml file (but parts of the code – the API key being one of them – parsed by an include), where my previous maps read the coördinates from another file.
Just for fun, practising and learning to know the possibilties of Google Mapsd API better.
I really like this one. I could put Google or You Tube Video’s from the finished stages on a daily base, bu no more play today, I’m afraid. Very busy building, tuning and translating a new ImageFolio 43.0 Pro photoalbum with visitor upload possibillity for the newspaper where I’m working. More about that later . . .