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July 22, 2003, by Léon Krijnen

The White Site   

It's an old idea of mine - copy, steal or borrow it if you want: the ultimate white website. By the way: are there überhaupt new ideas, or is any idea, true or not, honest or not, a rebirth? Let's google the net for the string "white site". Hmmm, about 5800 hits, so the idea, mine or not, was never new. White sites cover a lot of ground: Bryan White websites, a Great White Site about, you guess it, great white sharks, a Single White Site about Bridget Fonda, landscaping sites, a government site in Singapore which sells white sites, blank spots in the city, to developers.GreatWhite
I expected Aryan sites too, who predict stupid things about the superiority of the white race, but a quick check didn't show them immediately. There's a white site about magic, but most of the white sites have a lot of colour in their design, because in those cases the term white has nothing to do with the colour. I haven't been able to find another thing i suspect there must be out there somewhere: a complete white site. Of course some joker has made one, where everything is white, background as well as the fonts and the images, just for fun. Can you find it?

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