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February 22, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Gremlin on your website?   

cms.gifThe article is well over two years old, but I wish I'd discovered it earlier. It wouldn't have changed my choice (dynamic building, static publishing) but it contains a fine reservoir of arguments that I could have used in discussions with prophets of dynamic publishing.

Interesting too that the article is linked on the Movable Type website, the CMS used on this blog, a system that gives you the possibility to choose between static en dynamic publishing. Makes me wonder If they're receiving a lot of questions or complaints regarding dynamic publishing.

As Tony Byrne points out (after answering the question 'Whats 'Wrong with 'On-the-Fly'?) there are a lot of praises for static websites; faster delivering, better for external search engines, meaningnful names improving usability, no worries about database uptime, while one of the strongest point of static pages is actually the mobility; you can move the content to any platform you like.

By the way: what kind of application is ImageFolio on this website? Not database driven, but every click is a dynamic question. Quite right, but on the other hand: every page, every picture visited is copied to a cache, and from that moment on (until a rebuild of the indexes) all content is static. Best of two worlds?

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