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October 20, 2006, by Léon Krijnen

Big fun: Google Maps API   


Having big fun playing with the Google Maps API! Got two keys, one for myself, one for the newspaper portal I'm working for, and constructed some pages.

The first one integrated in an iFrame in the newspaper website, and two pages so far for myself, checking out what's possible - and that's a bloody lot. So far I've produced a map with navigation in the side bar, and a second one to get the Geocodes you need for the navigation URL's in the side bar of the first one.

They both look nice now, linking to each other. More work to be done, though. The goal might be to combine all functions in one big map, but I'm not sure I'd like to do that, maybe better to keep it this way. But first I have to learn how to make the pop up's look nicer, maybe use my own icon placemarks, how to integrate the 'to here' and 'from here' directions into the pop-ups.

There's a pretty comprehensive Google Maps API Documentation manual at Google, and I made the first Map at the newspaper based on that manual.

The second and the third map I couldn't have done without the great Google Maps API Tutorial from Mike Williams.

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