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January 13, 2007, by Léon Krijnen

iPhone, YouPhone . . . .   


Maybe I should have become a marketeer. Some weeks before Xmas (2006) a song sang in between my ears, when Apple delayed the introduction of it's cross-breed between phone and iPod. Then, somewhere first week of December, LinkSys, either sensing problems or opportunities, presented a new model of its iPhone, the name than mum Cisco had registered seven years earlier. So, I thought, Apple will come with its own phone, but what will be its name?

I don't what you were thinking, but there's only one name fitting in Apple's (what's in a name?) Front Row of devices and applications: iMac, iPod, iLife, iWork and all other iThings I forget right now. Which leaves a little problem to be solved.

At least, that was what we alle were thinking, weren't we? Nevertheless, when super salesman Steve Jobs, able to sell fridges to Eskimo's, or fire to the sun, pulled the long awaited Apple phone out of his hat, he called it an iPhone.

It sure looks a ripper, like everything Apple produces. Too expansive? That's up to you, but I still haven't had one second of regret, enjoying my iMac for 14 months now. If you want to know what the iPhone can do, go to the Apple website to play a video of Jobs demonstrating the iPhone, and when you're done visit some tech sites and blogs for independent reviews.

I might buy one later,but why decided Apple - read Jobs - to use a name it doesn't own? Pure arrogance, or a thoroughly prepared stint of free publicity? In one league with Cisco? Arrogance will result in a court case, what Cisco apparently is going to pursue now. But there's also the chance that in another couple of weeks of free publicity this case will be closed, both partiessigning a NDA.

Meanwhile this old songh is till humming in my head. You know it too.

'Icecream, you scream, everybody wants icecream'.

Why haven't they called the bloody thing YouPhone?

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