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April 24, 2007, by Léon Krijnen

Bit stupid   


They're the kind of discussions I always to steer away from at birthday parties or at the bar in the local pub: about the police or the lovely Rita's (the meter maids). You know, peoplecomplain ing about getting a ticket for a red light that was green, about parking tickets, whatever, and it's never their own fault. Such a waste of time.

I dislike them even more because ever so often I'm the only who says no nagging or whining please. Who says that the world would be a much better place it half thepopulation obeyed some rules, while the other half stops complaining about the fact that rules are made to be observed to begin with.

Having said that: to err is human, so I had to pay twenty dollars - twice - because of minor speeding on the A16 between Breda and Rotterdam. For two reasons a bit stupid. First, because I didn't see the black Volvo parked on the soft verge on the roadside.

The second reason is even more stupid and those who don't want to understand, should fulfill an apprenticeship for one day in a hospital where they're trying to rebuild the wrecked bodies - and minds - of those who were victim of their own speeding, or got hit by someone else.

I've had it with the stupid reactions at pub and birthday parties, when I try to explain so. I've had it with the guys who raise an eyebrow: 'tsssk, I didn't know you were such a right winger'.

Do I have nothing to complain about policeman or meter maid?

Well, just one little problem, that probably will be solved when someone at city hall reads the Dutch Version of this column. In July 2004 I've posted a notice of objection, when I received a parking ticket for reasons unclear to me. I've got no idea what City Hall sees a normal term for a procedure like this, but 30 months later I'm still waiting for an answer. Maybe a bit stupid, but not my own fault.

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